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New Colored Contacts for Patients with Astigmatism

Introducing TORIColors-the ONLY monthly disposable toric in an opaque color option. The lenses provide superb color options for patients who otherwise would have to wear colored contacts with a loss of visual acuity or purchase expensive custom cosmetic toric lenses. TORIColors is powered by Extreme H2O and made with a patented GMA/hydrogel copolymer that has advanced hydration properties. This enables the lens to retain 97% of its moisture-even under extreme conditions. Available colors are Seabreeze Blue, Emerald Green, Golden Amber, and Horizon Grey. Only select parameters are available.

If you’re interested in these new contacts please give our office a call to set up your contact lens fitting appointment.

******You must have a contact lens fitting appointment with the doctor before we can order contact lenses.******